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Not a troubleshooting question, but I’m not quite sure where to post this.

Recently Dreamhost has decided to offer discussion lists. That’s GREAT. But there’s a problem: it’s only available under the Sweet Dreams hosting plan and up and it is not available as an add-on feature for all plans (esp. Crazy Insane Domain).

Who where is interested in having the discussion list as an add-on? I would love to have it, but I can’t justify having to pay for Sweet Dreams especially since I’ll also be paying for extra features and hosting space that I would not need.

So I wouuld love to see discussion lists available as an add-on. Who’s with me on this? I’m hoping to see enough interest in this to show Dreamhost that the demand exists.

Thanks a bunch.




This question has come up in the past, and I’m puzzled as well as to why we don’t have it available as an add-on. I’ll run this by some people and see what’s up.

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
  • DH Discussion Forum Admin


Thanks, I hope that I hear about it soon.