Discussion List Woes

I’m trying to set up a discussion list on a friend’s account. She has the Crazy Domain Insane plan. The admin panel asks me to choose a service for the discussion list, but no services are shown to select from. When I set up a discussion list on my account with the Sweet Dreams service, I was able to select that service.

According to the DreamHost comparison chart, all plans include unlimited discussion lists. I had read elsewhere in the knowledgebase that you would need to have the Sweet Dreams plan, but that conflicts with how the Crazy Domain Insane plan is advertised on the website.

So, is the advertising misleading or am I missing something?

Also, is there any useful info on discussion lists in the knowledgebase? The Nov 2001 newsletter says “there’s a KBase area:
https://kbase.newdream.net/?area=2473”, but that sends me to the generic Welcome page.

Sounds like something might be messed up with the account itself… I’d suggest writing support about this one.

For the record, you have to have “Plan” privileges, in addition to domain and discussion list privileges. Adding discussion lists uses up a plan feature. Since this particular feature is currently unlimited, it’s unimportant (at least, to the user) bookkeeping, but the main account admin obviously has to set the privileges properly for it to work.

Thanks to customer support for the quick response.