Discussion List with mySQL address updates?


The site I’m working with has a small population of registered users stored in a mySQL database who also receive a discussion list. As it sits, the users have full control over their discussion list status through the list, but I’d like to streamline the process a bit so if they change contact information through the site to update the database, it would change the discussion list address for a particular user.

Short Version: It’s a decidedly non-spam operation and I’d just like to be able to set up a relatively dynamic discussion list based on mySQL if it’s possible.

I was thinking about setting up a cron script to dump the addresses out of mySQL and then perform a discussion list update on a regular basis (nightly, weekly, whatever), but that seems really inefficient and I’d think there might be a slick way to do it without wasting the server’s time. Granted, it’s a small group (around 60 or so), but the changes aren’t that often and it doesn’t make much sense to re-write the list addresses nightly.