Discussion List with Google Apps email

Hello all,

I’m helping a new dreamhost customer who has opted to host their email with Google Apps. I see that the Announcement List functionality still works even if your MX record is pointing to a non-dreamhost server, but what about Discussion lists?

Google Apps does not seem to offer much functionality in this area. Given the ‘push’ for hosting with Gmail - it might be nice if the Discussion list/Announcement list panels offered some suggestions for Google Apps users. (Wiki documentation is also a bit weak on these points.)

In any case, I’d like to hear what people who are using Google Apps are doing for discussion lists? One could create an additional subdomain, but that would mean changing the main list address for any lists that already existed at the primary domain.

All thoughts and comments will be appreciated. Thanks


You could set up a forward to another email. So you could have discussion@yourdomain.com (through Gmail) and forward to a subdomain (like you suggested using) or another domain entirely (although then users will have to update their safe lists). I would probably just forward to a subdomain. That way users who continue using the old address won’t skip a beat.