Discussion List vs. AOL


I know Dreamhost emails cannot be set up to forward to AOL, but can AOL users subscribe to a discussion list?

I have a new small private discussion list of 9 people (I subscribed them myself). All people seem to be sending and receiving emails OK except the AOL user. Not only is this person not receiving any list emails, but also he sent one to the list, and while I can see it in the archive, it didn’t go out to anyone. Yes, I looked in my junk folder, and I asked 2 other members to do so as well.

I tried to sign up for an AOL address to play around with it but after 45 minutes of AOL errors on the registration page I gave up.

I’m going to ask him to add us to his whitelist, but I don’t know how that works at AOL. And it wouldn’t help his sending issue, which perplexes me.

Thanks for any help. - Tina

Quick update: the AOL user now says he did receive “some” of the list emails. It’s possible he rec’d all but his own, I’m not sure. But what about the one he sent that didn’t get sent out?