Discussion list using MySql

The “Discussion List” available under the DH Mail menu uses it’s own database which I/we don’t have access. I have several email lists, some are just emails, another is name & email, another is name, address, email, dates, etc… All of which I keep track of in a Mysql DB. However to sync my sql db and discussion list it’s a PITA to update the discussion list.

In an effort to ease my life I have started to create my own DL that uses my sql db and allows auto sync - ie a new member is added to the DB and the DL does a “select xyz from table”. Also, without much trouble would allow things like select from DL where dues are due and the like.

So, has anyone else done this? I hate RE-inventing the wheel. Would anyone be interested in the work I’ve done? If not I shall slog along on my own.


Yup you can use bot DB and DL.

relaxtv, mediabox

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