Discussion list subdomains

Hi folks, a beginner to Dreamhost here. This is the first of my various small questions.

I just created a discussion list and began the process of setting up pdpBB forums on my account. I can see from the comments in the KBase that there is some DH manual work done to set up databases and that the “mysql.xxx.com” subdomain should not be a pre-existing subdomain in my account.

Further, “lists.xxx.com” did not show up as a sumdomain in my account when I created my first discussion list. In retrospect, I want to use “mailman.xxx.com” as I have seen others do.

My questions are this: first, is there DH manual work involved (I sure do not like creating and destroying in test runs if it is gonna annoy someone :o); second, can the subdomain pre-exist before I go and set up a couple of discussion lists?

I plan to delete my current discussion list, and I expect my “lists.xxx.com” thang to go away. I then plan to create a sub-domain “mailman.xxx.com” first, and once it is active create a discussion list. Is this correct thinking on procedure?

Thanks, Skye
Boone, NC

There’s no “human” or manual intervention (on our side) in the setting up of databases. It happens automatically.

The mailman stuff is also automated. You can use whatever subdomain you want at any domain as long as it doesn’t exist already. The system shouldn’t let you add a hostname which already exists (I’m pretty sure it won’t).

Hope this helps.

No manual tasks; okay. In the user comments for mysql, the implication is that there is. I thought it good to check here.

In my account, “lists.xxx.com” seems the built in form for lists now. I have deleted my one discussion list and will wait a few hours to see if the link to “lists.xxx.com” disappears. That way I can start fresh and use “mailman.xxx.com”.

In the sub-domain option, it allows me to put lists in one of my subdomains, e.g. “lists.sub.xxx.com”, creating a second place so to speak for such lists. The option to have two places in my main domain does not exist. I.e. Having both “lists.xxx.com” and “mailman.xxx.com” active as list domains at the same time does not appear to be an option.

If “lists.xxx.com” disappears from my account because I now have zero discussion lists, all will be well ;o).


Nope, “lists.xxx.com” does not go away by itself. I suppose if one wants to have it “un-done”, one must ask DH to do it.