Discussion List Subdomain

Newbie to DH - just signed up and finished transferring files from old host. I searched the KB and found no answer, so I’m asking here…

I created an idiotic discussion list domain name (changed the default ‘lists..com’) and can find no way to delete it. Now it’s the only option in the pulldown available to me to create new discussion lists. Checked the domain mgmt part of the CP and it’s not listed there. Any ideas on how to change it to something else or delete it? Don’t know much about Mailman, but I’m getting the idea I’d better learn quickly. Apologies if this is in the KB somewhere. TIA.


This is something we have to do for you currently. It seems like we have been getting more requests for it lately so we may have to add the functionality into our web panel somewhere, though!

Contact our support team and we can take care of this for you.

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Super! Thanks very much. I’ll contact you soon.


I have an Announcement List & Discussion List.
I set up the Announcement List so i can send word of updates/addtions to my site.
Once i foudn out i could only send these notices via the web panel, I created a disussion list, so that i could do this from my email.

I was wondering how long before my discussion list is working? Its been over a day, and is till cant send mail, or get to the admin site.

God Bless