Discussion list size


I’m considering setting up a mailman discussion list on dreamhost. I’ve read folks’ concerns about passwords and interface, but those issues seem managable. I’m more concerned about size and bandwidth.

I expect this list to have about 4000 members, and a list-wide 50-message daily limit. That’s about 200K emails (plain-text-only) per day. At 40K per email, that’s 8 Mb / day of outbound traffic.

These numbers seem pretty middle-of-the-road, but I’d like to make a sanity check, whether other dreamhost clients on shared hosting plans run lists of this size.

Thanks much,

Lloyd Dalton

I think that’s probably on the high side of our hosted discussion lists. Our setup can handle it but it’s possible that we’d ask you to get a dedicated machine if the list was eating up too much of the shared resources. I think that probably wouldn’t be necessary, though.

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