Discussion list signature converts to attachment

Hello, I have just created a discussion list and have received feedback from my client that the automatically generated footer/signature that is included with every post (list webpage etc) is being converted into an attachment in Microsoft Entourage (for Windows).

Does anyone know how I, as the list adminstrator, can turn this off ? It doesn’t do it for Eudora or Mac Mail.

Thanks for info you can offer!

Good day

I too had to cancel the footer/signature because of it showing as an attachment (Thunderbird /Windows).
Can’t bring a solution. Sorry

Would love they’d fix that.

thanks for your reply. i can’t seem to figure out how to cancel the footer/signature. i assume it’s something i do in the configuration pages, but can’t figure out which option it is. could you direct me to where you did this?

thanks so much!

Hi there
Yes it is in “mailing list administration”.
In the section “Non-digest options”, I just left blank the field:
"Footer added to mail sent to regular list members "
Looks like it “solved” the problem.

You might be forced to do the same with field
"Header added to mail sent to regular list members"
but this one I am not sure.

Sorry I cannot imagine a better solution.