Discussion list setup time?

How long does it normally take for a discussion list to get set up? I created one two days ago, and another yesterday. The convenience addresses showed up immediately in my “Manage Email” control panel, but I still haven’t received the access instructions at the admin addresses for either list. The “Discussion List” panel still tells me that I have no lists defined.

Is there a problem, or am I just being impatient? (Yes, I’ve opened a support ticket with Dreamhost as well as posting here.)

FWIW, the domain in question is stilyagi.org. I have it fully hosted at Dreamhost.

It’s usually very quick, like in less than an hour. Isn’t it configured as a subdomain? That’s how I think it goes. Have you tried pointing your browser to that subdomain?


Yes it was (lists.stilyagi.org) but that didn’t respond either. Fortunately, Dreamhost responded to my ticket and corrected the problem. They didn’t tell me what the cause was, though.