Discussion List Problems!

Anyone else experiencing major problems with discussion lists?

I’m a new customer, and moved to DreamHost because my previous host was miserable at email. Now I get my direct email with no problem, but my discussion list is routinely delayed by a couple of hours or more, or as is currently the case, goes down completely…

Any tips? Anything coming down the pipe that might improve this situation? I’m a bit disgruntled, having paid a setup fee, etc. to move to a new host that isn’t any better at handling discussion lists than my previous host…

Should I just run my own list software or something? Can I even do that?

“Discussion lists on your discussion list server (che) were down from March
1 at about 09:45 (Pacific time) until March 2, at about 09:30 (Pacific).
We apologize for any inconvenience. The discussion list software was
stopped and never got restarted, and unfortunately this didn’t come to our
attention until early this morning. We are taking steps to make sure that
future outages of this sort will be noticed in a (much) more timely manner.” - DH


They came back for a few hours, but went down again yesterday evening.

It isn’t the first time either. It’s just Bad that they can’t fix it.

(From another thread…)
Yes, it’s been down for two days with an occaisonal sign of life. Their support has been ABYSMAL. I have three tickets open of which they have responded to ZERO of them.

I’m sure everyone realizes dreamhost is a small company but to have NOBODY dealing with the problems is inexcusable. When my year is up, I’m gone.

I’ve had NOTHING but trouble with the mailing lists and other support questions. They don’t care. It’s obvious.

– E