Discussion List Problems AGAIN!

DH -

This is absolutely ridiculous at this point. I submitted a ticket yesterday afternoon saying my discussion list was down again. It came back up after a couple of hours and was looking okay until this afternoon… My ticket from yesterday still has not been responded to, and it is over the 24 hour window by the time I’m posting this.

I want to know when my services are going to be restored, and what steps you are taking to stop this problem. I’ve said on numerous occasions already that I never have more than a couple of days of uptime on the discussion lists, and the problem is still unresolved. Is anything being done at all or am I talking to myself here?

I’m getting nothing but silence or empty apologies and “It looks okay now”, but no real action at all on this issue.

It’s after 6pm Eastern Time and I’m in the same boat. Their emails (when they send them) say “we’re monitoring the situation” but that is clearly a bald-faced lie or they would know it’s down again.

– E

My lists didn’t go down until about 8am, pst this morning but I wasn’t fully aware of it until now. Naturally, the first thing I did was come here and see that ya’ll are having problems too.



I tried their live chat. I sat on “hold” for an hour before it finally said “we are not taking live callers” – nice.

Anyway, from the LAST crisis:
(2004-03-08 14:06:40 / #2401132)

Hello Eric,

On Sun, 07 Mar 2004, you wrote:

[quote]I’d give you the whole speech. I’ll skip it. The lists are down again
apparently as no posts have appeared in HOURS including the two I sent
several hours ago. (It’s not latency because they don’t show up in the


We are truly sorry about the inconvenience, and the problem on the
discussion list is being looked into and continuously monitored. It
should be ok as I write this.


You know if they were “CONTINUOUSLY MONITORING” it (or even were paying attention) they’d have a clue it was broken.

This is the problem with a company that has NO FULL-TIME STAFF and NO PHONES. If there’s a problem, you can’t get help. Happily only 2 of my domains are here – the larger ones are elsewhere. Sadly, I moved my domains with discussion lists here because I like MailMan better than MajorDomo. I’m shopping and it looks like (so far) photon.net is going to be my new home.

– E


Chat has never been available through my web panel. In fact, when I click the icon to leave a message, a pop-up window tells me that the message taking feature is not available.

This is really getting old.

Oh? And to check on a support ticket? Control panel is down for maintenance.