Discussion List Performance Challenge

So, I’ve recently started toying with the mailman-based discussion lists here at Dreamhost. Got the list set up with no problem, configured it, sent a test message and . . .

  • The message appeared in the archive almost instantly
  • 45 minutes later, I’ve yet to receive the message in my inbox

So, I started looking around. And according to the Speed section of the discussion list page (http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/KB_/Account_Control_Panel/Mail::_Discussion_Lists#Speed), there’s a history of problems with list performance. Some have been software-related, some configuration-related. The page references several forum threads on the subject, none of which contain useful responses (if any at all).

The Challenge?

To document mailing list performance, for the purpose of 1) improving it or 2) discouraging potential users from setting up a list, only to discover that it doesn’t meet their needs (my situation, and that of at least one other forum poster).

I’ll gladly do the legwork, given some data (sanitized logfiles or archive data from others). I’d like to know how long, on average, it takes to deliver a message. For many potential list owners, lengthy list delays may be a deal-breaker. EXAMPLE: If I run a list that sets up informal meetings, and we decide on venue day-of, then delays of an hour or two may be a non-starter.

In the spirit of transparency, this information should be made available via the wiki. Might save some folks some experimentation/frustration. Or, it might help us to work together (there are lot of admin-types floating around here, you know!) to come up with an improved solution.

Looking forward to some replies–officially-sanctioned, as well as those from fellow Dreamhosters.



OK. Messages now seem to be coming through fairly quickly. So, maybe a temporary slowdown. Although, I’m noticing that, despite triple-checking the “Send me copies of my own crap” options, I’m still not receiving copies of my own crap.




Check spam folder?

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