Discussion list junk mail filtering?

My discussion lists are run from a “lists.domain.com” host, and the mail they’re receiving is not being run through the junk filter. There’s no option to enable junk filtering for “lists.domain.com”. I have it on for “domain.com”.

How do I get mail to my lists to go through the junk filter?


I’d guess DH can add the sub-domain to your panel for you, or tick in on their panel, but if not…

You could use the workaround I’ve applied to a similar JF loophole - forward the mail to a DH domain that does have JF. Because DH forwarding it itself a JF loophole, this has to be via a non-DH domain. One snag is that this hits a Quarantine list bug that causes the wrong value to be shown for From:, otherwsie it works well.

Another option: enable Razor, which is back working again.

DH says that they can’t enable junk filtering for discussion lists. Still open is whether I can route mail to discussion lists through my own installation of SpamAssassin 3.

I can’t see what the problem is, since “enabling junk filtering for discussion lists” is simply a matter of enabling it for the domain surely. E.g. if your list is list@mydomain.com, enable JF for mydomain.com, and you should get JFiltering on that address.

DH Tech support said:

I am sorry but there is no way to enable filtering for those at this time

  • you might check the Suggtions area and vote for any existing request
    for this or create your own:

So, I guess the list.* domains aren’t real enough.

Chrisjj is correct that if you enable junkmail filtering for ‘domain.com’ then any email, including discussion list email, will pass through the filters. Mail to ‘list.domain.com’ will bypass the filters, however. You can mostly force all mail to the list to go through ‘domain.com’ by setting the ‘Host name this list prefers for email’ setting in Mailman and/or using the ‘Explicit Reply-To’ option.

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So, if I change my lists to prefer “domain.com” instead of the current “lists.domain.com”, and change all the aliases so that "listname@lists.domain.com" forwards to "listname@domain.com" (instead of the other way around), the list mail will all be filtered?

Is that something that I can do to an existing list? I need to maintain the “lists.domain.com” address, since that’s what they were before we moved to DreamHost.


No, you can’t change the aliases around. That will definitely break the list.

The list ‘lives’ at lists.domain.com, but we automatically forward email for listname@domain.com to listname@lists.domain.com.

I actually thought about it more and I don’t think my suggestion would work for you anyway, though. Sorry for the false hope!

Note that Mailman itself does have some built-in spam filtering you can use. Also, the very best way to keep spam off of your discussion list is to restrict list posting to list subscribers only. If you don’t do that you will definitely get spam to the list.

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Oh Well. In any case, I never get spam on my lists, because I moderate everyone except trusted posters. It’s my time deleting spam that I’m trying to save.

DH needs to make it possible to spam-tag submissions to a discussion list.