Discussion list - altering "on behalf of"

In my mailing list configuration, I altered the return address to be a shorter version/petite alias of the default address. So now when a member replies, it goes to [shortname]@[hostname]. Which is exactly what I like to see - for that part of it.

But in my Outlook email client, the displayed return address on the incomming discussion list reads:
[mailinglist]-bounces@[hostname] on behalf of [SendersName][SendersEmail]

  • How do I alter it?
  • Can I change “[mailinglist]-bounces@[hostname]” to the petite alias?

Better yet, where can I find documentation on the discussion list that is a bit more verbose than that found in the single “Creating a discussion list” entry of the DH KB?

This is just an issue with how Lookout displays stuff - it shows the envelope-sender as the from address, even though the From: header has a different address. There’s no way to change this without breaking automatic bounce processing and other important stuff that an MLM takes care of.

It’s mailman, so http://list.org.