Discussion Forum Birthday - 6 years today!

It’s 6 years since the DreamHost Discussion Forum started today!

In the 6 years the forum have had 78,067 posts, in 15,824 threads, submitted by 9,834 registered users (plus countless of anonymous users). The forum has grown considerably the last year with more than 6,000 new threads, 34,000 new posts and more than 4,000 new registered users.

To celebrate the forums I’ve yet again created some stats, which reveals who has been the most active posters, the longest threads, etc.

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Does number of customers (or domains hosted ?) grow as fast as this forum ?

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That’s a nice bit of reporting, and some interesting stats. Thanks for putting all that together :slight_smile: . One thing is pretty obvious…I need to get out more! :wink: .


Impressively you even managed to beat the combined anonymous users.

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Yep, very impressive…

Also impressive is that the Top 10 Active Users last year has written more than a third of the more than 34.000 posts.

Unofficial DreamHost Blog
Unofficial DreamHost Knowledge Base

you are almost always the 1st one to answer posts…
your feed reader must go out the celling… lol

BUGabundo :o)
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Wow, that’s actually more than a little embarrassing! I never thought of it as a contest, or as a matter of “beating” anybody. When I reached the point where I had actually gained some knowledge to share, I just wanted to “pay it forward” a bit as countless others have helped me over the years.

Hopefully, the activity (besides the occasional lively debate :wink: ) on these forums is a valuable resource for, and is helpful to, other Dreamhost users. That’s why I hang out here as much as I do, and answer posts when I can. :wink:


It is good to have active and knowledgeable users here to help out other.

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Not saying it was a contest. I’m no a lot too while maybe not as knowledgable as some i’m willing to help and am learning a bit from others at the same time

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He’s just one of those invisible promo code spammers. Sure, you can’t see it in his sig… but everyone knows that no one posts here without making millions of dollars by giving away the referral fee. :wink:

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I want to chime in to thank the OP for a nice bit of reporting! And to thank everyone for their contributions to helping people with their problems and also for simply making people feel welcome!

And I don’t care whether you’re being totally altruistic or not, as long as you help me solve my problems! :smiley:

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Ha ha! Nice! I sometimes wonder how many referrals I would have by now if I did offer “promo” codes! :open_mouth: . Oh well…