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What is the discussion board used in DreamHost and how do I get it?

The discussion board software used here is called WWWThreads.

If you click on the FAQ link above it should give you more information.

Basically, this board software has now merged with the Ultimate Bulletin Board (UBB) to be called UBBThreads. Another forum, called Gossamer Forum took it on themselves to carry on where WWThreads finished and have prduced a decent looking forum based originally on WWWThreads too.

Hope this helps

  • wil

Do you know of Jive discussion board, www.jivesoftware.com? If so, how does it compare with wwwThreads in terms of server resources? Is there anyone using Jive in DreamHost?

jive is a java jsp/servlet message board. Don’t believe DH supports this.


Thanks, I’ll just try ubbThreads.
At least I sure it work here!

As I mentioned above, WWWThreads has been discontinued and merged into UBBThreads. Visit the infopop wbesite for more information:


  • wil

I’m in the process of uploading UBBThreads now and new at setting up php, mysql. Can you help me with the paths and settings?

They dropped the Perl version? Awwww. :-\

Sure I can help. Can you post what variables you need to find out? Maybe a sample config file?

If you have no preference over Perl or PHP, I would at this point recommend you download Gossamer Forum -> [url]http://www.gossamer-threads.com/[url] which comes with a Windows installer so you don’t even have to FTP a single file – it does it all for you.

Before you get started with whichever forum you’re going for, you most likely will have to have set up your own MySQL database. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds! Log into your web panel, click on the ‘goodies’ tab and then click on the MySQL tab to set up a database. If you’re stuck there should be a kbase link there to an article that should help you.

Hope this helps.

  • wil

Gossamer-Threads looks like it has more features.
I FTP its install.cgi & .dat and get Internal Server Error when I try installing. The same happens when I try installing Gossamer-FileMan2. I’ve ask Dreamhost to check into the error. Any ideas, wil?

It looks like both of those require you to purchase their software.

I’ve used Phorum (www.phorum.org), and it’s not nearly as fancy as the others (it has a LOT less features), but it’s free, extremely easy to setup, and stable.

Actually, I came across another one that appears to be free and has more features, phpBB (www.phpbb.com).

Has anyone used this before?

i helped a friend set it up - the setup is pretty easy, and it should work fine with DH. can’t comment on the functionality or user interface since i haven’t messed with it at all.

there are also some older threads regarding phpbb and yabb - do a search of the board.

Did you upload install.cgi in ASCII mode and the .dat file in BINARY mode as intructed? Did you CHMOD these to 755?

Can I ask why you don’t take advantage of the Windows installer? Are you on a Windows based platform?

  • wil