Discovering mail server name for new account

Anyone know how to do this? says

If your domain hasn’t been set up yet, you can still send mail by using the
actual name of your mail server, which was sent to you in your welcome

but the welcome email (presumed the one “DreamHost Account Approval Notification!”) doesn’t tell you the mail server name.


Usually, the mail server name is “” if ‘’ is your domain. The same name is used for POP3/IMAP/SMTP.

If you can see your webmail login, then the login page also links to which is a little control panel for each mailbox. If you log in to the mailboxes service, then it will also specify your exact mailbox settings, server names, etc.

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That’s not the “actual name of your mail server” name referred to. The reference is to a mail server name available “If your domain hasn’t been set up yet”.