Discourse "Unread (xxxx)" and the "Dismiss" button, What is NEVER?

How do I set all the old messages to “read”? Specifically the 1451 that came over from MyBB…

When I click Unread, and then “Dismiss…”, I’m presented with this dialog box:

The word never is what bothers me, of course I don’t want to never see those topics again. I would want to see them if there were a new post to the topic. I don’t want to permanently ignore all these threads, which is what it seems like would happen if I click the Dismiss button. I just want to mark all “read”.

-------------- Edit to add:----------

Proofreading my post I just realized something! I think I can click “Dismiss” without checking the “never” box… Is that what I’m supposed to do? I had assumed that to actually Confirm that I wanted to do this I had to check the box, as a confirmation, but it seems like this is really a two function dialog? “Dismiss”, or “Dismiss AND Ignore”…

Oddly, I’ve been trying to figure this out since about the first day and am just now realizing the dialog box might have two functions.

Is that correct?

That’s how I intend the function to work. I used the Dismiss button without hitting the stop tracking... tic-box and I think I still get unread counts correct.

BTW we can have this sort of conversations in the public category #site-feedback