Discourse as a 1-click install?

Is Dreamhost planning to offer Discourse as a 1-click install in Goodies?

Wouldn’t that be great? :slight_smile: The only answer to your question is: it depends on demand from customers. The main thing with Discourse is that it has pretty high demands, would not run in a shared hosting environment and may not make sense as the typical 1-click application. It’s probably more in the range of higher-end products like DreamPress…

On the other hand, Discourse is very easy to install and manage on DreamCompute. We’ve published a guide in the #howto category: have a look at it and let us know if you need any help with it.

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Second this.

Like i said before, Discourse has a minimum requirement of 1GB RAM. Hosting it would be pricey. I also agree that it’s on DreamPress category in terms of pricing and specs (VPS) (slightly higher on the pricing side). Troubleshooting is a little bit of pain in the behind, not unless you know your workaround the system. Those are the downside of this software, but overall it is a great one.

I suggest looking into Flarum, if you are looking for a modern yet requires very low resources/hardware to run.

@smaffulli this would be a great addition to DH if there’s enough request for it.

Sorry if my post looks like a hijack.

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