Discount web hosting via affiliate promo code?

I am a web designer/developer, and am new to the DreamHost affiliate program. I am having trouble seeing the benefit that the referral brings to the customer. When creating a new promo code, the only options I see are to offer free domain registration or free unique IP addresses. But since all DreamHost web hosting packages already include one free domain registration, and most of my clients only need one domain, I don’t see how this allows me to offer them anything beneficial for using my promo code and referral.

Is there a way to simply discount the web hosting cost (as in, part of my referral reward goes toward paying for their initial hosting payment)? This is probably the only thing that would be valuable for my customers.


Yes, you can also include a discount for the customer. When you set up the promo code, check out the two boxes near the bottom of the page under “This Code’s Discount” — you can give your customers a discount of up to $97 on the first year of hosting. (Just keep in mind that any discount that you pass on to the customer doesn’t go to you!)