I moved my personal consulting website to Dreamhost a number of years ago. I was so impressed, I moved 3 clients over to the system from GoDaddy due to severe hosting issues.

But this email issue over the last 2 months has shaken my dedication to Dreamhost. One of my clients didn’t receive critical email for two days, causing a loss of sales and customer trust. I know DH is working on the issues, but this is costing real money to real customers.

I am not someone who has joined the affiliate program of DH and has not taken anything in remuneration for bringing these customers to DH. I was just impressed with the hosting and wanted to give others a great experience.

We are in process of moving email functionality to Microsoft or Google to help fix the issue for us. We shouldn’t have to do this and pay a different provider. But we can’t trust that DH will deliver our mail to us in a timely manner.