Disappointing Support

Trying to find out what the problem is with our Church Parish web site.

Attempted to send in a “Tech Support” form, but it wouldn’t send, even when the form was complete and correctly filled out. I then tried to send a “Other” form. It’s been over five hours and have not even gotten an automated response.

I even put a post on the forums, which hasn’t even been commented on, i at least thought a forum admin would have seen it an given me some advice. (https://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-146910.html)

I don’t have the user name and password, the person who set it up has left and taken the info with him, which was my other question when i filled out the form (What information do i need to provide to get this reset?)

I am finding the lack of response…disturbing, to say the least.

I even tried to set up an account so i could get to the “control panel” and the tech support system that way. but you have to purchase something to get it!

Very sad…if i don’t get a response soon, i will have to recommend we switch our hosting to someone else.

Did you try contacting them thought the form available here ?:

I did, sometimes, when i select “tech support” everything goes away and it says "If you’re already a DreamHost customer, please log in to your panel for support."
on the occasion when i did get the other options it kept giving me an error saying, something like, the form wasn’t filled out correctly, or correct errors on the form.
I also tried different browsers, just in case that might be an issue.

I don’t have a log in panel, because i don’t’ have the login and password. They (the church) want me to have it, but no one knows it to give it to me.

that’s why i tried using the “other” option.

Thanks for the reply!

so it turns out that our domain registry is expired (Registry Expiry Date: 2016-12-20T16:03:02Z")
i happened to notice it when i was trying to figure out who might have registered it to begin with.
If i could have made a phone call, someone would have probably noticed it quicker than me.

we still have the problem of not knowing the username or password, so i’m not sure we will even be able to renew it!!

The way I read the domain info someone renewed that domain today. 2016 is a year away, and as I just posted in your other thread, the update date is today.

You do need to figure out how to get into the existing panel account. That’s how you contact support normally. The two choices are thru the dreamhost contact form, or locating the person in your organization to give your the existing info. The dreamhost contact form method will take patients and persistence. For privacy reasons dreamhost is very careful about even engaging in conversation with someone they feel is not connected to the account. Your problem is excalibrated because your email is down.

After you get thru this problem, make certain you have at least one non-dreamhost based email listed as a contact for your account.

You are right, i took a screen shot today at 3:29 and it said 2015! the post was at 4:01pm!!)
i went back to the whois page to copy and paste, but didn’t pay any attention to it (wish i could post the screen shot!)

i should be able to provide any bills or whatnot , even a cc card # that was used if necessary.

and you are right, we will have an additional e-mail associated with the account.

Unfortunately even though the registry is fixed the site is still down, more digging to do!!

Thanks for the reply!