Disappointed with Support

I opened an account on DH today. Frittered away the whole day trying to understand some very basic procedures and I’m not there yet. Most of the problems have to do with confusing language and terminology on the part of DH. Some are caused by my stupidity, and some by my lack of experience with this kind of hosting service.

It took me hours to get my ftp client, Transmit, working. That is pretty amazing because the Transmit interface is excellent. It was the damned set-up terminology — “server”, “host”, “domain”, “web-id”, etc. on DH’s part.

The people who are providing support are probably very computer literate and familiar with this system. The problem is that they are too familiar with it and are not sympathetic to the hurdles that a new-comer faces. In another post, a customer complained that what the support staff needed were lit majors rather than computer geeks. That’s one way of putting it.

But I am really steamed by the arrogance of DH staff being fully aware that the Knowledge Base has been phased over to an incomplete and confusing wiki. And no phone support. I am on too cheap a plan for that I guess.

I raised a question in this forum a few hours ago and there has been no answer. Okay. This is not an official help forum. And I have one outstanding help email that has not been answered.

l need a little hand-holding right now and I need to get this to work. But we are off to a really lousy start!