Disappearing mailbox

I made the mistake of using Outlook for e-mail, then accidentally deleted my sent mail box. I was connecting with IMAP, so I think that deletion messed with my mailbox setup on the server.

now when i try to send mail using webmail from dreamhost, I get an error:
ERROR : Could not append message to INBOX.Sent.
Server responded: Error in IMAP command received by server.

any suggestions?

Re-create the mailbox “Sent” from either webmail or Lookout! – then webmail won’t complain about it not existing.

in webmail, it still appears to be there. (a subfolder of INBOX)
so if i try to create it anyway, it complains:
Query: CREATE "INBOX.Sent"
Reason Given: Cannot create this folder

if I try to move something into it:
Query: COPY 76:76 "INBOX.Sent"
Reason Given: [ALERT] COPY failed - no write permission or out of disk space.

I’ll try from outlook when i get home…

I found a way to delete Sent then make a new one, and it works again. from webmail at least.

seems like you’re long past this problem - but for anyone else, the first thing I’d do is right click on your IMAP acct in Outlook & select Reset List