Disappearing globals in bbclone

I’ve been using bbclone as a counter ever since I switched to Dreamhost late last year. I’ve recently used the one-click install to set up a Wordpress blog, but it’s not registering in bbclone.

I’ve added the required lines to the footer and it’s initiating the bbclone mark_page.php, but doesn’t show up in the results. Using bbclone’s debug tells me that I’m putting bbclone inside a function, but I’m not. So I did my own php debugging.

What I found was that the function bbc_marker() in pathto/bbclone/lib/marker.php is not getting the globals asked for in the second line of that function.


Strangely, this works in my own PHP pages, and an echo of these variables immediately following the above line gives valid results. But the exact same code in the footer of my blog results in empty variables after this global call, yet they’re valid just before calling this function.

Could they be using different versions of PHP? Doing a phpinfo() shows that both applications are using PHPv4.4.2; What else might be the problem?