Disappearing email

I have been having trouble with old email disappearing. Here are my settings for cleaning my inbox:
Inbox Housekeeping

Remove read messages when inbox reaches 1000 messages.
Remove read messages from inbox older than 365 days.
Even expire new messages.
Archive expired messages in folder - Archive
Notify me when messages are expired (via a message in my inbox).

I get the notifications but the email is not in the archive folder.

Please help,

I had this problem once (I think, it’s been awhile). Check that the folder named exists, and if it doesn’t create it manually. It seems to me like the problem I had was the folder I was archiving to didn’t exist. I just double checked and mine archiving correctly.

The best thing is log to into webmail (i.e. webmail.youdomain.com) and look at the left column and make certain you have a subfolder of INBOX named Archive, If you don’t create Archive as a sub-folder of Inbox. (note the folder names are case sensitive.)

(for what it’s worth, I change my “Archive” folder every year and I include the year in the folder name i.e. Archive-2015. I also have 14 days where you have 365… other than that pretty much what you have for settings. I still keep all the old archived folders I just find search is better and faster if I break up the archive folders into years.)