Disappearing email...Hmm

I’ve been viewing my emails on my MAC OS X Mail. So far the emails come through, for the most part.

On my dock, the Mail icon shows how many emails are in my inbox. Sometimes, the Mail icon shows the number 3 or 4 on the icon. So I assume there are 3 or 4 emails to look forward to. When I open Mail, I sometimes just see 1 email. Where did the other 2-3 emails go? I’m worried that I may be missing some important emails (currently I’ve been sending out my resume and coverletters to different design organizations and I don’t know if I’m getting a reply from specific ones).

This “disappearing email” occurred maybe 3-4 times in the past 3-4 months.

Does anyone know what is happening and how I may fix it?

Thanks. Plus, does anyone need a designer? :stuck_out_tongue:

do you have any rules enabled? junk mail filter?

what version of OS X are you running? IIRC, in older versions I experience an issue where the dock icon wouldn’t refresh properly.

I have my Junk Mail Filter on… I have set in my preferences to keep the junk mail in my inbox, and just color the text brown. I have OS X 10.3… maybe it is a dock refresh issue.

The only rules activated is the defalut “Apple News”…and I just checked it out. Those rules just hi-lite the emails coming from apple in “blue”.

I don’t think I’ve had the problem in 10.3. I would sooner put my money on the dock icon being wrong that mail deleting email. Have you checked your webmail to see if it’s there?

Yeah. I’ve checked my webmail to see if anything is there. Unfortunately, I set it up so that the emails are sent to my email client, then i think deleted from the dreamhost email server. i read somewhere that dreamhost likes it when we do that because the accumulation of emails can get absurdlly high. you think i shouldn’t delete my emails on the server? hmmmm… if i redo my settings to keep the emails on the server even after loading them to my computer, does dreamhost keep the emails on the server forever or for a llimited time?

what kind of settings do you have for your mail?..