Disabling Mod Security on one URI


I have a script I wrote that automatically takes RFI/Webshell attacks against my website and posts them to a page to see. The script works fine. The problem is, if it has: c99shell /c99shell/ or the like in a string of the returned page, Mod Security will flag it and the site returns a 404. I tried the steps here:

to disable Mod Security for one page, but I think the instruction are for an older version as they do not work on the current Mod Security. Ideas on how to disable for one page?
This seems to be the rule that is flagging it from 99_dreamhost_rules.conf:

SecRule RESPONSE_BODY "(?:<title>[^<]*?(?:\b(?:(?:c(?:ehennemden|gi-telnet)|gamma web shell)\b|imhabirligi phpftp)|(?:r(?:emote explorer|57shell)|aventis klasvayv|zehir)\b|\.::(?:news remote php shell injection::\.| rhtools\b)|ph(?:p(?:(?: commander|-terminal)\b|remoteview)|vayv)|myshell)|\b(?:(?:(?:microsoft windows\b.{,10}?\bversion\b.{,20}?\(c\) copyright 1985-.{,10}?\bmicrosoft corp|ntdaddy v1\.9 - obzerve \| fux0r inc)\.|(?:www\.sanalteror\.org - indexer and read|haxplor)er|php(?:konsole| shell)|c99shell)\b|aventgrup\.<br>))" \ "phase:4,ctl:auditLogParts=+E,deny,log,auditlog,status:404,msg:'Backdoor access',id:'10000001',tag:'MALICIOUS_SOFTWARE/TROJAN',severity:'2'"