Disabling log rotation

Is it possible to disable log rotation? I prefer having just a single log file, as opposed to a bunch of different log files that correspond to previous dates. I find that superfluous for a site that doesn’t get all that many visits. It’s also far more convenient to look through a single log file as opposed to a bunch.

So, is it possible to, rather than having multitudes of logs for each day, have one log that has the data from every day?

Nope. But if you use Stats, you won’t so much need to look at log files.

If you really want, you can write a cronjob that runs at around noon each day and takes yesterday’s log and prepends it to your own giant logfile. Granted, it won’t have today’s log entries, but you can create another script that’ll merge the daily file with the giantfile into a tempfile for your viewing pleasure.


Well, as far as I know (unless I’m missing something), Stats doesn’t show what IP accessed what file, and where they accessed it (in the case of images), which is what I’m interested in.

I have no idea what a “cronjob” is.

cronjobs are used for running scripts and such.

A rudimentary command that should run at 23:59 would be:
/bin/cat ~/logs/EXAMPLE.COM/http/access.log >> ~/mylog.txt

This will take the day’s log and add it to the end of your never ending logfile in your home directory. Being never ending, it will get pretty big and will need to be pruned or deleted from time to time.


So if I create a shell account, and copy and paste that commmand (changing example.com to my domain), and create cronjob through the control panel, it’ll do that?

You can enter that command right in the panel’s cronjob section. Give it a try. It won’t break anything, but I think it’ll work.


I tried this, and it had been working fine for a couple of months, but it no longer works. I’ve checked to make sure the command is still in the control panel, and it is, it’s just not working anymore. Any ideas?

Add your email address to that cron job in the panel. The output should give a hint as to what’s wrong.

And try manually running that command from the Shell if you have shell access.