Disabling Cookies on wordfence for server side caching

Was following a help doc for Dreampress server-side caching suggestion. The help Doc says to disable Wordfence cookies, however, the wordfence line for that no longer appears where the Dreampress doc indicates. Is this something that is still required? and if so, where does one find the location to deselect wordfence cookies?

ref article: https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002633652-Disabling-cookies-on-Wordfence


From Wordfence:

"Disable Wordfence Cookies

This option was removed as part of our adjustments for EU GDPR with Wordfence version 7.1.16. Sites that were previously enabling this option to avoid issues with cache do not need to make any changes. Wordfence has implemented other ways of distingushing between bots/humans and regular users/admins and does not use cookies on the front end of sites anymore."

DP might want to update its help doc.

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