Disabling a fully-hosted email account with bounce AND forward?

One of my client’s employees is quitting, and they have asked for the following:

  • All old email for the account should be available
  • New messages sent to this account should be forwarded to a different account AND send a auto reply to the sender telling them of the new address.


  1. In a fully hosted account, if I change the name of the email address (e.g. "bob@foobar.com" to "bobs-old-email@foobar.com") does that destroy the existing IMAP boxes?

  2. If I deactivate an email address (by clicking the ‘disable’ button) http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Email_addresses#Disabled_email_address the documentation says new emails will bounce, but old email will be readable still. Can I also set up an auto responder AND forwarding on a disabled account?

Answering some of my own questions here: it does appear that changing the email address does NOT delete the associated IMAP boxes. I tested this on a demo account to be sure.

Also, it appears that you can NOT create an auto responder for a “delete without bounce” email alias, but you can create one for a forwarding alias. I haven’t tested yet to see if auto responders can be set for disabled accounts…