Disabling a Domain?


Is there a quick and easy way to temporarily “disable” a domain, to include the website and email?

Think of it kind of like the power company shutting off your electricity for not paying your bill…




Update your WHOIS info to point to a bogus nameserver. That’s one way, but it takes a while to propagate.

I’m not sure if the panel here has an easy way to disable DNS for your domain. I can’t think of one.



Hi Scott,

Thanks for the info…

Yeah, I haven’t been able to find anything via the panel. I’ll probably end up uploading a “Temporarily Disabled” index page and changing all the email passwords.



What about using the redirect or mirror options to point to a dreamhosters.com page, or perhaps the Parked option to show a ‘coming soon message’. I am not sure if this (redirection/parking) affects the email at the same time. Not really experimented with it.

These are options under the manage domains>edit icon.


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That was Plan B, actually. :slight_smile:

I emailed DH support and they got back to me in record time, saying if I wish to temporarily disable a domain, I just have to email them and ask.

So there’s the answer. :slight_smile: