Disable WordPress Trackbacks



The WordPress Forums are booming with chatter over a new threat of mass-gibberish-trackback-spam hitting WP blogs. Currently, the only solution is to disable trackbacks. You can do this by removing the wp-trackbacks.php file. Keep a backup copy, of course.



Here’s a better hack from WordPress user, LisaS. It forces all trackbacks into moderation. http://wordpress.org/support/topic.php?id=20106



Thanks! I got hit by this yesterday. I renamed the trackback script as soon as I noticed the spam trackbacks (the first one was gibberish, but the following ones were nasty porn sites with highly offensive text in the trackback). I’ll give Lisa’s suggestion for moderating trackbacks a try.



A growing list of methods to combat trackback spam is available at the largest (unofficial) WordPress anti-spam resource.