Disable php in folder

I want to disable php in certain folders using .htaccess the only way i can think of is usign AddType to change all php,phtml,php3,etc… files to act as an html file, but then i saw this:


which says to just do this:
<Directory /home/jhelper/jhelper.com/test/test>
AllowOverride None

which would also have all the addtypes from above

but that immedialty loads an internal server error, is there any way to disable php in a folder? the reason I dont like AddType is that some user can place a new .htaccess file in there folder saying to parse all php files as such. The reason for disable php is i want to be able to give some ftp accounts to some friends who i do not trust completly.

That kbase article is incorrect. You cannot put a block into a .htaccess file. You also cannot use AllowOverride in a .htaccess at all as far as I know. I removed that section from that kbase article to avoid future confusion.

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