Disable (not remove) Wordpress

Hope this is the right forum. It didn’t seem to belong in the Wordpress one.

I had WordPress on a site then decided it wasn’t appropriate and got rid of all the files (manually) and just used static .html pages.

Everything is cool except that if someone has linked to one of the old links - e.g. http://mysite.com/a-post/ - they get a 500 error instead of a 404.

I am assuming we get the 500 error because the server is trying to serve them up with Wordpress. This is a pain with search engines because they are assuming a 404 for missing pages.

Does anyone know if there is an easy way to fix this? I can “remove wordpress” on the webpanel but that will blow the site away. (All right, I am just being lazy and could replace it but I am curious to know if there is another way.)


You can use htaccess rewrite rules to redirect requests to the corresponding .html file.

The server should under no (default) circumstances return 500 errors simply because a target is “missing”. If you have a .htaccess file in the domain folder, rename/delete it and create a new one for your new rewrite rules. Better yet, back up the custom files and remove the One-Click completely via Panel, then replace your current files afterwards.

There are too many files to redirect them all. As you say, I should do it properly and use the one-click remove on the Panel and this I shall proceed to do.


When you deleted the files manually did you also get .htaccess ?

If the files are named in the same format as the now defunct WP targets then one blanketing rewrite rule might suffice.

If you need help with the rules, let us know :slight_smile: