Disable inbox purging?

I noticed there are two settings when configuring a mailbox in the control panel:

Remove read messages when inbox reaches XXX messages.
Remove read messages from inbox older than XXX days.

Is there anyway to disable these “features” so messages are not removed from my users’ mailboxes? I would much rather rely on quotas than deleting/moving mail on users.


Interesting. With the old e-mail control panel, there was a checkbox in front of each of these so you could turn then on and then set a value. Now it seems you can only set a value but it’s not possible to turn them off completely.

Can you set the value 9999?

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It looks like the max I can set for # of messages is 2000, and for # of days it looks like there isn’t a limit.

Although I doubt anyone would hit that 2000 limit, I like to disable this all together. I tried putting 0’s for values, but that was rejected.

are there any ways around this? I would like to use my quota also and not limit my inbox by the number of messages in them.