Disable CloudFlare cache for a sub-domain?

I’m just wondering if anyone knows what the best way is to disable CloudFlare caching for a single sub-domain while leaving it enabled for the parent domain?

Quite simply I have a site set up with a primary domain, and some sub-domains, one of which contains various service type scripts for providing data to Javascript, as I found it much easier to organise it that way.

Now, while CloudFlare caching benefits the vast majority of requests to my domains, the sub-domain containing only scripts sees no benefit (most of the requests are small anyway) as the content isn’t cacheable, so I’d like to have that sub-domain bypass CloudFlare and return to sending traffic directly to my host, as it avoids the added complexity.

However, the checkbox when viewing sub-domains doesn’t do anything (it’s unchecked already since the setting for example.com also applies to *.example.com). Will this require editing my DNS settings? If so, can someone give me some simple steps for changing the appropriate DNS record, as I really hate touching my DNS settings :slight_smile:

Sorry to bump this, but I noticed that it’s now possible to enable/disable CloudFlare on sub-domains via the panel, however when I did I didn’t notice any change in my DNS record, and the site became inaccessible, displaying a CloudFlare error page about the site directing to them but them having no record of the site.

Now I know that DNS records take a while to propagate, but when I viewed the DNS info for my sub-domain, everything was still set-up as per my other, CloudFlare enabled, domains so it didn’t seem like waiting would solve the problem so I switched back again to keep the site online.

Did I do something wrong? Should I have waited? Would I be better off asking support about making the change for me?