Directory problems

I’ve been having some continuing source of problems with things not working right with Wordpress and podpress acting as the face of my padcast at hosted on dreamhost accessing media files on Libsyn.

I think I may have discovered a problem but I don’t know how to resolve it. With all of my other domains when I go into the control panel it will show the for example my URL directory is /
likewise directory listing is: /

But in the case of the directory listing is /
why is the www there? I don’t remember setting up anything differently.

Thinking it might be an error in the wordpress installation I deleted and then tried to reinstall . There were a few files it said I could not delete so I renamed the directory they were in with a different name. Still the new reinstall gave errors saying the directory wasn’t empty. So how do I delete those last files?

And more improtantly how do I get the directory listing to be as it should. Thanks in advance for your help.

Ted Sudol

I am guessing that you specified ‘’ as the Web-directory for the domain when adding it to the hosting system.

You can, if you wish, change the Web-directory for the domain by going to Domains -> Manage Domains in the panel and clicking the small ‘wrench’ for the relevant domain under the Web Hosting Column. On the resulting page, you can edit the Specify your web directory: field before clicking the Change fully hosted settings now! button.


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