Directory Permissions

Can I create a directory on my website and assign it 766 permissions?

This is how I need to be able to assign permissions to the directory.
Owner: read, write and execute
Group: read and write
Others: read and write

I need to assign these permissions so I can collect variables and write them to a flash e-card using a php script. Here is the tutorial I am following:

Thanks in advance!

You can ssh in and do the following:

mkdir dirname
chmod 766 dirname

or, alternatively, you can use your FTP client to do this

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Do not forget to enable shell access on your user.

If you need detailed instruction

  1. Enable shell access on your user via DH panel --> Users --> Manage Users --> Edit
  2. Download putty and read tutorial
  3. Log into DH using putty and navigate to your folder.
  4. Type the command as deans said, chmod 766 filename

Here are some basic unix commands you may need

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Thank you to you and dean for the responses. I am on a Mac 10.3 so I don’t believe I can download and use Putty. Is there another method you could suggest? I have intermediate technical knowledge so please dumb-it-down as much as possible.

Even easier, if you have a Mac, you can use the built-in SSH client. Just open a terminal session and type “ssh username@hostname”, filling in your username and your hostname.

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