Directory path to new mailbox

I have a cron that runs a script I wrote that checks my Maildir folder for new mail and alerts me by emailing my cell phone. Today, I created an additional mailbox for myself (not just an alias) and would like to run the same script on the new mailbox too. To do that, I need the directory path to the new mailbox. The new box does not seem to be located within the directory for my account. Does anyone know how I can find the path to it, or is this simply not doable? Thanks for any help.

You won’t be able to access the maildir directory, it is owned by the mailbox user (mxxxxx) and of course there is no group or public permissions enabled at all. Well at least when I try.

I would suggest using a POP3 or IMAP capable script to check for new messages myself. For example with Perl you could use the Net::POP3 module.

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Thanks so much, and you’re absolutely right that permission is denied to the mailbox when created as a separate box like that. Nice to know, just as a pointless factoid, where it was located though. I got rid of it and created a new user instead, and that’s just what was needed.