Directory Not Empty / Hidden Files


I’m trying to delete directories with hidden files, and also be able to view/modify the .htaccess file through an FTP program (FileZilla). I have already chosen the option to “Force Showing Hidden Files”, but it only seems to work for the root directory. After choosing this option, it still will not allow me to delete many directories or view the hidden files in them.

Other support sites refer to the issue as a “broken server” that needs to be “properly configured”.

What can I do to be able to view these hidden files properly through FTP?



Someone else may be able to provide info on filezilla to help you, but if you have a hurdle you need to get over quickly you might try going to manage domains in the panel, and clicking webFTP for the domain in question and trying to delete it from there.


Yeah, I was able to do that this time, but I’d really like to be able to use it correctly from FileZilla. So thanks, and I’ll keep waiting for someone else that might know.