Directory Indexing

Is there a way to enable directory indexing on only one folder with Dreamhost? If yes, please provide set up instructions for this.

N Anderson

Place a .htaccess file into the directory you wish to enable directory indexing. The file should contain the following line:
Options Indexes

Use a text editor to create the .htaccess file. If for some reason you cannot save the file as .htaccess, just save it as htaccess.txt first, upload it, then rename it to .htaccess


That worked brilliantly, thanks marsbar.

Just keep in mind that this acts recursively for all directories within the one with the .htaccess file (unless overridden with Options +indexes). So if you really just want to affect a single directory, using an empty index.html file might be simpler. There’s a kbase article on the various ways to do this.