Directory for uploading personal data with Backup User

To which directory should I upload my backup data under my backup user account?

I thought that when I log into my backup user ftp account, I would get an empty ‘home’ directory, but instead, it appears I see the root of the file system. I don’t know where to go from here.

Am I supposed to create a subdirectory of my [font=Courier]/[/font]<[font=Courier]username[/font]>[font=Courier]/[/font] under [font=Courier]/local/home/[/font] ?

While it may appear that you’re in the root directory of the filesystem, it’s not. FTP is configured to make it look like your home directory is the top of the tree. If you use SFTP, you’ll see you’re actually a few directories down.

In other words, use the directory you first log in to.

I am having a similar issue.
It appears that my backup user doesn’t have any rights to create files or directories.


Before I started this thread, I logged a ticket with Support, and they got back to me today stating

After that, I was able to upload files to a directory that was already created me that was the same as my user account.

Last night I made sure I had my network configuration correct because I’ve never successfully connected via sftp, but when I was able to connect via sftp with my other user accounts and not my backup account, then I knew there was an issue. I thought possibly I was impatient and didn’t let the password reset, but I still had the issue this morning until Support replied.

What still freaks me out is how I can drill up the tree and browse. When I click on directories that resemble other user accounts, I cannot view them, so I hope my own directory is also not viewable to others. It just makes me wonder why I should be so sure that I am allowed to put files where I am allowed to.