Directories within Maildir

Does anyone else have the following directories and files inside
their mail directory? I did not create them - well, at least not knowingly. What are they for?

-rw------- core
drwx------ courierimapkeywords
-rw-r–r-- courierimapsubscribed
-rw-r–r-- courierimapuiddb
drwx------ cur
drwx------ new
drwx------ tmp

  • marsbar

Short answer… “don’t worry about it”.

Longer answer:
This has been discussed a little in other threads… the courier* files have to do with the mail server itself; cur/, new/ and tmp/ are directories within the Maildir which are where the messages are stored (cur/ has messages that have been retrieved, new/ has (not surprisingly) new messages, and tmp/ is used for temporary operations). Core means that at some point, the mail server has dumped core (i.e., crashed in the middle of an operation with your mailbox).

Many thanks, Will, for your quick and most helpful response! :slight_smile:

  • marsbar