I’m a medium skilled designer and administrator. I generally work with one host and use Dreamweaver for FTP for all my other clients. My client site here went down last week - it seems the host servers were having some trouble around the same time. Since being ‘here’ the number of passwords for the assorted pages is wild. Last week - sometimes ‘ovaltine’ would default and sometimes the URL as host, for FTP (which I believe is correct), would show. Currently-I believe a directory is missing on the host side-I’ve tried to just create a folder called “Home” - but nothing is showing up online.

Is there a local path I should have that makes DHost happy? I have tried quite a few things.

I’m just not able to zero in on the issue here - directory? path? FTP client, etc.

The irony is it was a three letter text edit for probably the smallest site here, on a redesign I’ll be starting in on.

Thanks for your time.


I’ll admit I’m a little confused about the nature of the problem you are having, but sometimes I am a little slow. Are you no longer able to point DreamWeaver to the proper directory for the site under development?

I assume that you are talking about the “ftp server name” here. Once the “problem” DH was having was resolved, you should be using your “hostname” here (yourdomain.tld).

By Default, DreamHost sets up your domains with the following directory structure:

…and so on.

You cannot write to the “home” directory (you do not own it or have permission).

While I rarely use DreamWeaver, when I do, I simply set up the FTP server as my hostname, use the appropriate shell/ftp user’s credentials, for the user and password, and the “domian.tld” for the directory, and all works fine.

Does any of that help at all?



thanks for replying. the site/URL went from nothing showing but an error-to the ‘Index of’, headers, with no files showing up. Currently, via the Dweaver ‘files’ screen’ there is a folder called"/Home/" server side - at some point I was able to/or did create that folder, because I thought Dhost defaulted to the ‘name, “Home”’. So, that’s there-and currently listed as the ‘host directory’ via the Dweaver remote host set up page. I’ve gotten and put the site numerous times trying to get the dang thing to just settle down and find itself. I believe it may have been pure happenstance that servers were down last week during an early run for me dealing with the host, etc. And I’m trying to back track to anything I might have done at that time-thinking I was not getting something right.
So these you’ve listed…where…how…if…do I get thins settled down. The domain is parked elsewhere-but I’m quite sure that just doesn’t matter.



I suggest stepping away from the whole DreamWeaver “get” / “put” model for a moment, so you can get a decent look at the state of your directories.

I suggest using a real FTP/SFTP client, or ssh in the shell, so you see the “whole picture” and can visually confirm what you “current” (result of all your experimenting) directory tree really looks like. From there, it should be pretty easy using those tools to “re-structure” your tree as desired/needed.

It’s really hard for me to be more specific as I can’t see your user space and it seems you may have “confuzzeled” things considerably while doinking about with it all. :wink:

Well, it shouldn’t matter if you are connecting directly to the server instead of via “hostname”, but if “hostname” is not properly pointing to your dreamhost space (“parked elsewhere”) it will make a huge difference - using that hostname is DreamWeaver you will be working in/on that data structure if you can even log in (which you probably can’t!).

Plus, if that domain is “parked” somewhere else", how are you even borwsing to your DreamHost user space in order to see the “Index of” stuff. That, with no files listed, simply indicates that your site files are uploaded to the wrong directory.

Seriously, at this point, abandon trying to “fix” it via DreamWeaver until you know what the existing structure actually is, and have put it in order so that the directory indicated in the DH control panel for that domain is actually holding the domain’s files.



i wanted to thank you for your time. things got pulled together just fine. ‘parked’ was an incorrect description-who knows, a term that may have rapidly evolved as the great cyber parking lot to occupy while off the information super highway:)


You are most welcome, and I’m glad that you now have things working as you want them to (though I doubt I was of much help in this case).

There are certainly pitfall in the terminology and jargon associated with “webish” things! At the end of the day, I’m a firm believer in “whatever works!” :wink: