Directly moving Dreamhost account backups to dreamobject storage

I have a VPS account with several websites, dozens of email addresses/accounts and few MySQL databases., So I am trying the dreamobjects free trial; mainly for use for my VPS backups. But I can not see any way to move the “Billing and Account”->“Backup your Account” backups to the dreamobject storage(At least not using the Dashboard). I can download the backups to my PC and then upload to my dreamobject storage - but that’s obviously not going to work for me - just takes to long and too many different backup files.

Am I missing anything? Any better ideas???

The account backup feature is something one is expected to use regularly; it is something you do once a year, or when moving to another service for all your sites and services.

More details are available at, including how to use the commandline to get the files moved around.

Unfortunately it can not be scripted, as backing up the whole account is always a manual step.

Because all websites are different, they need different backup strategies, and several kinds of backups on DreamHost are listed at

If you have a specific website setup, share it, and I’ll be happy to make suggestions. :slight_smile:

[ Note, I’ve never used DreamObject or S3, so this answer is speculative. ]

DreamObject is S3-compatible, so there are lots of S3 tools you can use with DreamObjects. DreamHost lists some in “What applications are compatible with DreamObjects?” Web searching for “files/MySQL/IMAP backup to S3” reveals more.

For example, if you are familiar with rsync, then you could use one of the rsync-like S3 tools: Rsync to AWS S3 bucket.

For backing up MySQL and VPS files, you could setup a cron job to periodically:

  • Dump MySQL DBs to VPS disk.
  • Sync VPS files (user dirs, DB dump) to DreamObjects using aws-cli’s sync command.

Maybe something similar could be done for backup email…

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