Direct URL to hosted web site?

Hi, sorry for my incompetence but I cannot figure out what my URL is. My domain is expired but I would still like to view my web site, and I just cannot find out what URL to use to do that. My site is hosted on constantine and my username is stainedonline.

I also have a mirror to but that just redirects me to the expired domain.

Thanks for any help.

renew the expired domain, or move the files to something that isn’t expired. There aren’t alot of choices here, what did you expect to happen when the domain expired?

I expect to be able to access my site through the constantine server.

And you can, via ftp or shell access, but not via http.[hr]
There is a way you could do this with a folder renaming to view via the subdomain, but depending on how yor site was built, there may be other changes needed as well.