Direct Update


direct Update now supports Dreamhost. I have worked with the developer and he has just released a new version of direct update that works great with

Go to his site and check it out.

This is a very nice program for managing your dynamic IP address at home.


The software change infos on custom dns panel ?

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This updates the info using the information in the Wiki about dynamic updates.


I am not sure I understand what this utility does.

I think you mean that it updates the DNS records of a domain registered here at DreamHost to point to your (dynamic) home IP address. Is this correct?

What would be the purpose of this? To host a site on your home system instead of on the DreamHost servers?

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Think of this like a Dynamic DNS Client. Say that you want to host subdomains at you house, but you have a dynamic IP address. This utility will automaticly check your IP address and update the dreamhost system when your IP address changes (simular to the dynamic updaters inside of certain routers).

You can also update your MX recors with this appication on the Fly. I wouldn’t recomend running a mail server at your house, but if you wanted to play around with it you could also do that with this application.


It’s a lot safer to create a hostname within a dynamic DNS provider’s domain and then make a CNAME to that. Only disadvantage would be if you’re doing something that can’t be the object of a CNAME, but most of those things are also not good things to do on a machine with a dynamic IP anyway.

I’m assuming this software makes the changes via the web panel… that seems risky to me, since even a minor change of the interface on DH’s side could break this, and it would be broken until the author releases a new version of the software. If DH had a documented / publicly available API to allow changes of this sort (which would be cool, but is unlikely to happen in the near future), it might be quasi-safe, but otherwise, this solution seems awfully kludgy to me.


Thank you for the explanation. It is what I thought it was.

In the past, I have found that having any kind of hosting at home to be more trouble than it is worth, so I doubt the utility would have much of a use for me.

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